Saturday, June 6, 2009

I've started this blog as a place to journal ideas I have about courting projects. I've found that in the process of courting there are many more ideas I have for relationship building projects and activities than I could ever fit into a single courtship. The goal of this blog is to provide a resource of ideas for those who are also courting (or hope to someday court).

This project was actually started at my father's encouragement. There are a wealth of books out there outlining how a proper courtship ought to be done. Lists of rules and standards are easy to come by. But when my brother started courting, and then two months later I started courting, my family quickly discovered that there is a lack of ideas out there for how to actually conduct a courtship. It's agreed that family activities and a long term perspective make up part of the backbone of a Christ honoring courtship--but how does that play out in actual practice? Join me in discovering the answer to that question!

As a side note, one struggle my brother and I have had since we started courting is what exactly to call our "significant other." Suitor has a nice ring to it but only works for the man, and implies that the relationship isn't "official" yet, because a woman can have more than one suitor. "Significant other" is used by other people to mean other things, so that doesn't work for general usage. Girlfriend or Boyfriend is ok and works for some, but to me it sounds far too casual and changeable. Possibly because half the time I hear the names "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" it's either in the same sentence as "break up," or in reference to a couple who is entirely too young and/or immature to be considering a romantic relationship. "Fiance," on the other hand, goes much too far in the opposite direction! My man and I often call each other "Knight" or "Lady,"which works reasonably well for us due to the way he asked me to court him. Sadly those terms earn us many strange looks during introductions to those who don't know our story. My brother and I were discussing the sad lack of terminology for those of us who have decided to court, and he jokingly said we should just call each other "courting buddies." This, though very tongue in cheek, works surprisingly well. So, if you see the abbreviation CB, it's for Courting Buddy. :-)

(and if you have a better terminology option than Courting Buddy I'd love to hear it!)

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  1. I LOVE it! Courting-Buddies! That is the best name for it that I have ever heard!