Saturday, July 11, 2009


The last courting project was making a list of things you appreciate about your CB. While the list can be a one time project, remember that pointing out things like this should be a way of life. Make it a daily priority to point out positive traits you see in them. Remember, a primary goal of a Christ centered relationship is to encourage each other to grow more Christlike. Their view of themselves can be warped by the world, peer pressure, failure (whether perceived or actual), and many other things. Make it your goal through loving, gentle affirmations to infuse in them a correct, Christ-like perspective of themselves.

A word to the Ladies who read, one affirmation that is particularly meaningful to your knight is to hear how proud you are of him. When he does something noble or self-sacrificing don't just think to yourself how wonderful he is, tell him how proud that made you. It makes a world of difference to a Knight to know his Lady is proud of him.

To the Knights, it is particularly meaningful to your Lady to be told how much you love her. Don't be afraid of lavishing it on her if you mean every word. One area that women are particularly vulnerable in is the area of looks. Affirm to her that she is beautiful to you--both physically and spiritually.

Remember that the goal of all this is to inspire greater character development and a deeper relationship with Christ. Your words will shape the sort of person your CB becomes.

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