Monday, July 13, 2009

Research and Comparison

Choose a topic in the Bible to individually research, then come back together after a week and share what you learned. Be creative with this, there are endless topics available! My Knight and I took a break from our usual Bible Study each week and did a project comparing mercy and truth. We found some very interesting comparisons! To get you started, here are some ideas you can start with:

Biblical love
Mercy and Truth
Christian response to suffering
Submission vs. Headship
Going the extra mile
The fruit of the Spirit
Sexual Purity
Honoring parents

This is obviously a very short list of possibilities. I just took about one minute to write down what came to mind. Most of those are things that I've had to work on since I started courting, and at some point you will be challenged in these areas as well. The most important thing in this project is to consider what areas you have already struggled with in your courtship, or expect to be a challenge in the future and learn what the Godly response would be. Don't take any pat answers you've learned in Sunday school--go straight to the Bible and make sure you know what the Bible says.

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