Tuesday, September 8, 2009


 I’ve been listing down many different projects in the past few months, and it occurred to me that a qualification was in order.

Every relationship develops differently. No two courtships are the same, nor is there an ideal set of rules and standards for the perfect courtship. In my family there are two courtships going on right now (both mine and my oldest brothers) and they are very different from each other. My Knight’s older sister was married earlier this year, and though her courtship was also beautiful it was different that ours. That’s to be expected since every person is different, therefore every couple is different.

My Knight and I, as will be told in more detail later, were best friends for many years before we started courting. Because we already had a strong foundation beforehand we didn’t have a “get to know you” stage in our courtship. Some of the projects reflect that and are designed primarily to a relationship where both CBs are committed to eventual marriage. If your relationship is still in the “discovering God’s will” stage, these projects would be best saved for the formal engagement.

Just use wisdom and discernment in your relationship, and be open to feedback from parents and godly adults.

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