Sunday, September 6, 2009

October 20, 1999

Someday I would like o write, in book format, the story of how Richard and I met and fell in love. I was inspired in this project by the book, "When Dreams Come True" by Eric and Leslie Ludy. It was the most beautiful, encouraging, and challenging courtship story I've heard. I think that if young people hear stories about God honoring relationships they will be better motivated to live it out themselves. So... here is the first installment. Enjoy!!! :-)


It was a cool October afternoon when my family pulled up to the house. We'd been invited over for dinner by couple that had just started visiting our church. My family was pretty new to the church also--just 7 months ago we'd moved back to Texas from a ministry position in Arkansas. It was a difficult transition for the family--a case where God's will was extremely obvious but not at all what any of us had expected or wanted. Especially me. I felt like everything I'd ever wanted had been taken away and still couldn't figure out why. Since we'd moved back we hadn't done much visiting. We'd met a few people, but I hadn't made any good friends yet. I was still praying that a miracle would happen and we'd end up back in Arkansas, I wasn't yet ready to put down roots in this new place. But here we were, in front of a near-strangers home, expected to make some friends. All I knew about the family was that they had five kids, and the oldest was a girl who was one year younger than me.

I was nervous as we walked up the drive. I didn't have any idea what to expect. I had grown up around boys (many, many boys!) and wasn't quite sure how to make friends with a girl. The truth was, I was a little afraid of girls. They could be so emotional and strange--boys were general much more predictable. Much to my surprise and pleasure I discovered that the oldest girl, Melody, wasn't hard at all to talk to. I disappeared into her room and we chatted the entire time.

Later when I got home I wrote this hopeful journal entry, "Tonight I made my first friend since moving to Texas. Her name is Melody. She is 12 years old, has medium length brown hair, pink cheeks, and looks older than she actually is. I think she is very pretty."

Part 2 

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