Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reason #10: He's stayed out of debt

I love that my man has committed to stay out of debt. He has done a number of things in the last 4 years that he could have legitimately borrowed money for. He's put himself through college, started his own home with a decent amount of savings, and purchased two cars (three if you include the one we bought after marriage when mine was totaled). He could have borrowed money for any one of those items and it would have been considered a reasonable--even needful--decision. But he didn't.

Instead he committed to stay out of debt, even when it was uncomfortable. Even when it meant waiting a little longer for college. Even when it meant driving a car made the same year he was born. Even when it meant a year-and-a-half wait for marriage. Because of his wise decisions with money before we were married--or even engaged--we are now debt free. We have no payments tying up our income, which means we have a good deal more freedom than most young couples do.

I really appreciate the wise way my husband has handled his money over the years.

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