Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reason #2--he is understanding

I haven't exactly kept this up like I intended to, but the year is still young and this is the month of love! So, I'm going to try to post a reason every day between now and our 2 year anniversary on Valentines day.

The past month has been rough on me. My hubby and I have been going a mile a minute, and have taken very little time to stop. We make our marriage a high priority so we've still had a good amount of time together, but there have been very few pauses for rest.

The natural result of that schedule was that by the end of January I was exhausted. One evening we were sitting together and I completely lost it. As I sat there and bawled  my hubby put his arms around me and just held me. Instead of running from my tears he embraced me--and when I had finished he started listing off all the things he loves about me (which just made me cry again, but that's okay!!!).When he had finished he gave me an extra hug and told me he'd finish the chores that evening--I was to go to bed.

My husband is so understanding--even when I don't make much sense!!

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