Friday, February 4, 2011

Reason #4: His playfulness

My husband is fun. Pretty much all the time. He's got a boyish sense of humor that sometimes raises my eyebrow, and sometimes has me giggling along. He does random things, just (as he says) to keep me guessing. I have to be wary as I walk through the house, because hug-tackles are now common place.

Just yesterday he stepped out of his office for a break. I thought he was coming out for breakfast, but found out quickly when he snatched me up and carried me captive that it wasn't food on his mind--it was the giving of bristle-brushes. Apparently after 3 days of being snowed in, my man is going stir-crazy. I made him work for that victory.

I may sometimes be absolutely convinced that I married a mad-man, but I love the way that he can always laugh at life.

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