Monday, February 7, 2011

Reason #6: His tenderness

"You really should be more careful." My man's lips pursed into a frown, but his eyes were loving.

The admonishment was well earned. Just last evening I'd been making some tea for him in a pot. The water had come to a beautiful, rapid boil and I decided I wanted some tea as well. My man likes his tea iced in a tall glass, I prefer mine hot in a small mug. There was plenty of water for the both of us, so I pulled out a cup measure to dip the boiling water over the tea bag, which was waiting expectantly in my own particular Wild Strawberry mug. Unfortunately, in the process, I missed the mug and accidentally spilt the just-boiling water over my hand. Now I was on the couch, meekly allowing my man to bandage my burn.

He handled it tenderly, much more carefully than I would have myself. And it didn't matter that taking the time to tend to my hand was making him late for an appointment. The most important thing he was doing in that moment was tending to his wife, and doing so with gentle tenderness.

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  1. This is so sweet Sophie! I'm having fun reading all your posts!