Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reason #7: His commitment to loving me

My husband happens to be a very busy man. He currently is working 4 jobs--his main one plus three others. Granted, two of those only take a couple hours or so a week, but it is still more than enough for any one person.

With all of his work, I really appreciate the fact that he makes a point to spend time with me. Daily. It would be so easy for him to put that aside, to not quite get around to it, but he doesn't. I've always appreciated this (and made sure to tell him so!!) but I didn't FULLY appreciate how much quality time we are able to spend together until the book "168 hours: You have more time than you think" challenged me to spend a week cataloging every moment and how it was spent.

For the most part the results were what I expected. With two jobs, plus a lot of church involvement, my days are pretty structured. What I didn't realize was how MUCH quality time my hubby and I are able to spend together each week. It came out to be nearly as much time as I spend on my secondary part time job!!

With my love language of Quality Time, I can take as much time as my hubby can give. Pretty much anything in my schedule is negotiable when it comes to quality time with my man.

Work? I'll let them know at the end of the week that I did a bit less than usual.
 Church? We're there every time the doors are open, one day won't make a difference.
 Housework? Seriously? When my man is free? I don't think so.
 Dinner? Freezer cooking is wonderful--and short of that, there IS always delivery.

Obviously, as the primary breadwinner in our family my Beloved doesn't have that luxury.Work is non-negotiable. There are lots of non-negotiable deadlines, and frequently they are inconveniently placed in the evening, morning, or late at night. It makes me wonder--how does a man who does so much, STILL manage to spend that much quality time with his wife?

But I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Instead I'm celebrating the fact that my husband is absolutely committed to our marriage, and more specifically, committed to communicating his love in the best way possible, with his time.

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