Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reason 12: His suspense

This morning I was getting ready to head to work. My husband hugged me good-bye and asked, "So, have you found--" Seeing how I suddenly perked up he cut off abruptly. "Err, never mind."

Of course I wouldn't leave it there, and I found out that there was some sort of surprise he'd obtained/made/gotten me last night. My mind jumped to all sorts of possibilities, but my husband resolutely refused to divulge the nature of the surprise. "Just go about your day just as you usually would and you'll find it."

A half hour later I was at work. My charge was sleeping soundly, so I reached for my Bible to read a few more chapters. There, sandwiched between the pages, right beside my #1 marker, was a letter from my man. Not only had he managed to write the letter on a night he was already up extra late working, he'd also managed to draw out the suspense to make the surprise even sweeter.

This may be redundant, but I sure do love that man! :-)

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