Friday, March 11, 2011

Reason 13: His encouragement

Recently I was struggling with some difficult things in my walk with the Lord. I knew in my head exactly what my Savior would do if he were here in my shoes, and yet seemed completely unable to follow in his steps.  While I'd not yet succumbed to genuine discouragement, I was beginning to allow my failures in this one battle to define my entire Christian walk and identity in Christ.

After sharing my battle with my husband I exclaimed, "This isn't the person I want to be!!"

As a Christian brother and as my husband, my beloved would have been perfectly in line to show me from scripture where I was wrong and what I needed to do to improve. If I had been him that's probably what I would have done.

Instead he looked me in the eye and said, "Dear, that isn't the person that you ARE. You are a beloved daughter of Christ and my beautiful bride. Don't let a few hard days define your life."

Instead of giving me what I deserved, he gave me grace. His encouragement, like cool water to a thirsty soul, refreshed me and gave me the strength to continue the fight.

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