Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reason 14: His writing

My man writing a story for me--several years before he was "mine"

One of my man's first loves is writing (not the first in priority level, but the first in life span. He's been jotting down thoughts and stories since he first learned how to form words). Well, my man has been writing again. He writes many things. He writes sermons, lessons, thoughts. His newest addition to his writings are his blog posts, found over at The Gentleman Adventurer.

For years, however, my very favorite writings of his have been the stories he writes. He has many different stories. When he was younger he wrote about a place called Amboria--it was medieval in style, but set in a totally different world. It featured dragons, and ladies, and courageous heroes.  He wrote these stories with an extreme concentration on detail and the history of the world. Only a handful of people have read these, so they are extra special to me.

In a just-for-fun genre, my man also writes some superhero stories. While I've never read a comic strip and am only vaguely aware that when it comes to super heroes there is DC comics and... something else ( :P) I do enjoy super hero themed things. Batman, superman, The Incredibles--all of those I've watched and enjoyed. But I don't enjoy those as much as I enjoy the stories my husband writes--maybe because he actually includes a point in his stories and a Christian world-view that put his stories a cut above what is available typically.

My man has also started a series of animal stories for our children. The stories feature talking woodland creatures and are designed to pass on relevant truths. His first book in the series has been written and we had it printed the Christmas before last. Someday, Lord willing, we may seek to publish the stories, but regardless of whether we do or not our own children will have many hours to enjoy and learn.

When we were just getting to know each other many years ago we often talked about whatever his current writing project is. I am a born book worm, and he was a born writer. A perfect combination. He loved writing things chapter by chapter, leaving the end of each chapter a cliff hanger to "torment" me until his next chapter was finished. I'm not sure who "tormented" who the most, though. The writer would torment the book-worm with a cliffhanger--then the bookworm would torment the writer for more, showing no mercy for "lack of inspiration" or "writers block."  Waiting an extra day just wasn't an option I allowed him.

 Recently my man has taken his pen in hand and started writing creatively again. It does me good to see him writing--and I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve this time!

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