Sunday, June 19, 2011

Reason 15: His wisdom in words

This past week my man and I were with a group of friends. My man had to step out of the room for a few minutes, and it seemed as soon as he did so the conversation turned south. A position that I firmly believe is unscriptural was held by the majority of those who were present--and seemed to come completely out of left field. Verbalizing what I believe under those circumstances is very difficult for me, but I tried to because I cared about the people involved.

Awhile later my husband returned. I thought I knew his response already--though I was startled the topic had come up with our friends, this particular issue is one my husband and I have discussed at length the past couple weeks. However, he did something quite different from what I expected.

Instead of allowing himself to be drawn into the debate, he very simply pointed out that in this case, we weren't the proper people to be talking to. The conversation continued for awhile, but every time my husband responded it was with some variation of, "Your opinions are valid, but you need to take them to the individuals who can make the changes you want--not to me. And not to other people."

I was proud of him.

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